Radio station launches new logo, name

image Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. Fiji’s oldest radio company yesterday launched its new station logos as well as its new name.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited (FBCL) is now known as Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). Chief executive officer Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the changes symbolize a new future for the company.
“It symbolizes a new outlook for FBC. A new future,” Mr Sayed-Khayium said.
“Having a more edgy outlook towards business – towards commercial outlook and we mean business.
“This is to symbolize and to tell the people of Fiji that we mean business. We want to give you the best service available and giving our clients the best service available,” he said.
He said the company has revamped logos for all their six radio stations. Radio Fiji One and Radio Fiji Two stay as they are but they have been given a slightly different look.
“The colours have been changed to symbolize the vibrancy of the stations,” Mr Sayed-Khayium said.
Bula FM on the other end has the same vibrant look. Radio Fiji Gold has now become Gold FM and Radio Mirchi has now become Mirchi Fm.
“The reason for that is because we want to have clear demarcation between our 2 PSB stations and our four FM commercial stations,” Mr Sayed-Khayium said.
FBC Vodafone Miss Hibiscus Queen Mere Loga was also at the launch.


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