Call for ginger farming revival

image Written By : SHRATIKA NAIDU. The Agriculture Department is urging farmers to grow more ginger due to its high demand in local and overseas markets.
Fiji ginger is the best in the world and the demand is really high because of its high quality.
Currently Fiji exports $6.3 million worth of ginger annually but in the list of Fiji’s major domestic export, ginger is ranked as the lowest.
Red and White (Canton) are the two main varieties of ginger grown in Fiji.
Ministry of Primary Industries, Department of Agriculture principal agriculture officer Kamlesh Lakhan, during the Investment Fiji seminar at Hotel Takia, said there was a need for investors and local farmers to do ginger farming.
“There is lot of business potential and dollar value in ginger farming but many fail to realise this fact,” Mr Lakhan said.
He said Fiji ginger was famous for its low fiber content and spectacular taste compared to Asian ginger.
“Ginger farming in Fiji needs to be revived,” Mr Lakhan said.
He said there were lots of markets available for Fiji ginger but there was low supply.
“We need investors, machinery and people to add value to ginger production,” Mr Lakhan said. He said currently, Fiji and China had tied up to start a mushroom farming project.
“Fiji’s domestic exports, which largely comprises of agricultural and fisheries commodities include sugar, fish, coconuts, taro, pawpaw and ginger,” Mr Lakhan said.
He said other major exports included garments, mineral water and gold which were part of the main pillars of domestic exports which earned a huge amount of foreign currency for Fiji.


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