31 Justices of the Peace sworn in

Justices of the Peace after their swearing-in yesterday. Photo: JONA KONATACI

By Keresi Nauwakarawa

Thirty-one Justices of the Peace (JP) were sworn in at the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday.
Chief Justice Anthony Gates inducted the JPs in a room filled with relatives and friends.
“The JPs approve search warrants and they should carry out this act without receiving any salary and you must ensure that your duties are carried out on reasonable grounds.”
Chief Justice Gates said a JP did not use his or her status to promote themselves or business and anyone requiring their services must approach and make an appointment.
“Now you must not ask for any money whilst carrying out your duties and should be there to help members of the public. You must act in good faith and carry out your work honestly and uprightly.
“I do not want to hear any of you to chase away any members of the public when they come to seek help.
“You are now fully fledged and i wish you well in your duties,” Justice Gates said.
Ministerial duties of a Justice of the Peace includes; witnessing signatures, certifying documents, taking declarations, affidavits or affirmations, receiving information and complaints, issuing summonses, issuing search warrants and issuing summonses to witnesses.
The 31 included: Shalendra Kumar, Mohammed Aslan Khan, Subhas  Chandra, Mukesh Reddy, Masi Qioniwasa, Sada Nand, Neil James Slack, Ganga Singh, Saimoni Tuisasau, Sarojni Devi, Mohammed Hussein, Ben Bhirendra Prakash, Vijay Nath, Ashok Kumar Bali, Jitendra Bhan, Yogendra Chand, Sukendra Lal, Nalini Prasad, Dhavendra Sharma, Chandra Govind, Awant Narayan Sharma, Chandra Pal, Riaz Buksh, Vivendra Lal, Mohammed Arun Khan, Rohit Kumar, Ravi Chand and Albert Mc laren.
Despite being sworn in yesterday JPs received ongoing training where they attended an induction workshop that took place at the elections office in Toorak, Suva.


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