Rugby, kura and sex

Savenaca Vaka

It is good to read that Fiji rugby players will now be drinking Viti Kura as it is now their official drink.
This is after a sponsorship agreement signed between the Fiji Rugby Union and Waka Enterprises Limited.
Those who drink kura juice know that it has a lot of health benefits and generally feel energised. This writer was a distributor of the Tahitian Noni while living in Australia and highly recommends Kura juice for all in Fiji.
There is a video available of a dog that was retired from racing because of its health and was to be put down.
The owner gave it Noni Juice and after a few months, this dog was full of energy that it won when put back on the race course.
The Flying Fijians should lift their game with Viti Kura as their official drink and we all hope that we will move up to the top ten soon.
Also, married couples will enjoy the touch, pause and engage when energised by the kura juice.


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