Sitting-down sports

Malcolm Sanders

You, like myself, may have noticed that Great Britain won four gold medals yesterday.
Further analysis will reveal that they are all for ‘sitting down’ sports, namely: cycling, rowing, canoeing, sailing and the like.
Over the next few days it is likely that they will win some more.
This is because sitting down games are forming a major  part of the programme at the moment.
There is no doubt that this proves that the British are very good at sitting down. Indeed, they are also good at doing other things whilst sitting down.
I do not believe for one moment that the British are necessarily the best sitters down in the world. Indeed, there are many small nations who are equally or even more adept at sitting down.
To these nations I say, develop this potential and become  Olympic medallists.
Your nation will gain enormously from the kudos and public relations.


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