Gilmour’s Wakaya Perfection gets good reviews

Owner of Wakaya Group, David Gilmour at the Wakaya Club office yesterday. during an interview with the Fiji Sun Photo: RAMA

Owner of Wakaya Group, David Gilmour at the Wakaya Club office yesterday. during an interview with the Fiji Sun Photo: RAMA


The Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger, launched only five months ago is already receiving great reviews.
Any why wouldn’t it when the man behind it is none other than David Gilmour.
Yes – THE David Gilmour who is the founder of world-famous FIJI Water and owner of Wakaya Island, home to the world-renowned Wakaya Club and Spa.
Mr Gilmour, who is in the country currently, told Sun Business that the product, processed out of pink ginger, has already built an international market.
It is currently being sold in Europe, United States and Asia and Mr Gilmour said: “This is just the beginning.”
“To create a brand you have to create its feasibility, the trials and then you have the people who will continue to try the product or whether they are going to try something else,” he said.
“It has to have a difference which FIJI Water did.”

The uniqueness of the product
Mr Gilmour said what sets the Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger apart is that it’s grown on virgin soil which is more powerful.
“We have a formula on how we produce it which makes it much more powerful,” he said.
“It has a distinct, sweet, marvellousflavour which makes it suitable for cuisines, drinks with lemon, vodka or gin, rum, that’s just a tip off the iceberg,” he said.
“It can be used in just about all of them and in foods as well – the top chefs are now using it.”

Market in Fiji
Mr Gilmour said the Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger is not yet sold in the Fijian market but they will be soon.
“Just like FIJI Water, we first build international markets. I think for Fiji, it’s important to have to build the brand out first,” he said.
“And to take all production because obviously we’re going to start with something limited and then bring it back. But right now this is effective for the benefit of Fiji and all the people.”

Why Wakaya
We asked Mr Gilmour why he chose Wakaya Perfection as the product brand and to this, he said: “Because it is perfect and it is Wakaya.”
He said Wakaya itself, through the resort has become a brand.
“The fact that it comes from a class where Steve Jobs (the late) or Bill Gates, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, have come there over the years amongst other celebrities,” he said.
“A lot of them go because Wakaya has more charming activities, natural beauty and things to do and there’s history about it at the resort.”
“Wakaya is a such a particular niche that the Wakaya brand the people who can go on the website will know.”

$5 million aircraft investment
Mr Gilmour has investment $5 million introducing a brand new top-of-the-line luxury aircraft in Fiji.
The 11-seater aircraft, a Cessna Grand Caravan EX, will be based in Nadi and is available for charter.
Mr Gilmour said people have asked why he invested such a large amount in a small aircraft and to this he said it was simply to provide the top-end service.
This was especially to keep up with the luxurious standards given now our tourists get to travel on Fiji Airways’ brand new Airbus A330.

Further investments
Mr Gilmour confirmed he is looking at more investments in Fiji but he did not want to elaborate on what areas this would be in.


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