Horseracing begins in Navosa


Horseracing has become more known around the country especially after the beginning of the Koroua Horse Racing Championships in Navosa last week.
The tournament which will run every fortnight at the village saw Subhan Ali and his horse Babasiga defend the Coastline Bainimarama Horseracing Trophy against Golden in what was described by coordinator Marika Nagata as truly spectacular.
“Last week’s race was definitely exciting to watch and Babasiga managed to successfully defend the title against Golden.
“Next week the tournament will continue with two horses. Iceman Tuidrau will be challenging Naqiro on the greens,” he said.
“Babasiga managed to rake in $1600 in winnings last week which was great, and next week’s race is expected to be just as exciting as Babasiga’s title defence.”
Horses come from as far as Nadi and Ba to participate in the Sigatoka-event and Nagata said that so far the tournament has been quite successful.
“The horses are basically competing for the trophy, but there is a lot of fun and new bonds are developed between the participants which shows the nature of good sportsmanship at the end of the day.”


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