Fiji memories

Allen Lockington
A very good friend has moved to the United States for work and has been in touch via Facebook. In one of his posts he mentions that many citizens of Fiji have left our shores to work, study, migrated and for other reasons. He noticed that many who have now lived overseas for years lament that they miss Fiji so much. They constantly post on Facebook how they miss so much about Fiji. He adds that if people miss Fiji so much, why don’t they come back.
This is an interesting observation. I can believe that people who have gone to study with family members all still in Fiji will certainly miss home.
As for those who have migrated with all the family and miss Fiji so much, why not return home, whats keeping or holding you from coming back. Fiji certainly needs technical, medical, academics, tradesmen and women and so many other fields. For the retired who miss Fiji, come and retire.
May I suggest, if you sincerely miss Fiji come back and together we can build a better Fiji. As for my friend, he hasnt missed Fiji at all. One day he will return to his village to retire. He has land and a home ready for his return.
Good one mate.


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